Procedural Icosphere

A Blueprint-based ProceduralMeshComponent to create Icospheres (Class I Geodesic Isocahedrons) natively in the Unreal Editor.



Why Procedural Icosphere?


Icospheres are a different approach to approximating a sphere shape with triangles rather than the quads that comprise the common UV sphere. This is of course ignoring that the quads in a UV sphere are themselves composed of triangles, though each pair of triangles composing the quad are in the same plane.

For uniform, geodesic, natural, or organic shapes, the icosphere might be superior in appearance for a given triangle count to a UV sphere.

For uniform shapes (such as a billiard ball), the icosphere is superior for cases such as vertex lighting, due to the more uniform distribution of vertices and triangle face area as compared to the normal UV sphere (which becomes substantially more dense near the poles).

The more uniform face area and vertex distribution of an icosphere can also be advantageous in the case of deformation of the mesh; for example, tides or waves on a planetary ocean, or an organic soft-body goo ball.

While this could be done somewhat more efficiently in C++, it has been implemented as a Blueprint asset in order to make it more accessible to end users for modification and enhancement, as well as de-mystify the logic behind this incredibly useful primitive.


Limitations of Icosphere

Icospheres are prone to an artifact known as a zipper artifact. The zipper appears where UV’s tied to a vertex for an edge triangle result in a flipped region of texture. This asset includes a facility to repair the zipper.

Additionally, icospheres can suffer from an artifact known as polar swirl. This is caused by a single vertex at each pole having a texture coordinate at one corner of the texture, and the next row of vertices properly spanning the texture width-wise. This asset also includes a facility to repair the swirl by replacing it with a sawtooth (equivalent to the UV sphere), which often looks significantly better.


At higher tessellation levels, the initial sphere generation can be quite slow (depending on the resources of your machine); however, once generated to your specifications, the resulting static mesh is quite efficient.

Blueprint Based


Adjust the icosphere to meet your needs.




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